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We're located in Sanford, NC. Approximately 40 minutes from both Raleigh and Southern Pines / Pinehurst

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About The Chesapeake Bay Retriever

For General information: Considering a Chesapeake

Common Questions:

Are Chessies good with Kids? Our dogs are great with kids and love being with them. Chessies are a lot of fun and have a great personality, so they tend to enjoy "playing" with the kids, just as much as the kids Chesapeake Bay Retriever Personalitylove them.

Are there any health problems I should be concerned with? We test for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) which is a gradual progressive neurological disaorder that can effect their control over their legs. All our breeding dogs also have their hips checked for displasia. Like many breeds the chance for Cancer is always there, but it is not promonite in our bloodlines.

Are Chessies easy to train? The Chesapeake is a very smart dog, and if you let him, he will try to outsmart you. Be consistant with your training and you will have a very obedient and intelligent dog. Chesapeake Bay Retriever Energy and Size

Do they do well with other dogs? Yes, especially when introduced as a puppy. Just do it slowly when introducing the puppy to an older dog, to give the older dog time to get used to the chessie.

Are they good hunters? Chessies make excellent low land or water fowl hunters. Their coat provides additional insulation and allows them to go in water colder then other retrievers may not do well in.

Our Chessies indoor dogs? They make excellent indoor companions, but need many opportunities to be outside running. Chessies are active dogs and need regular excercise to meet their needs

The Colors of Chessies: The American Chesapeake Club has a web page highlighting the 8 approved Colors of Chessies. Our puppies generally fall in the Brown and Light Brown categories.

Labs vs. Chessies: <-- This is a great article on the differences between Labs and Chessies when it comes to hunting

We have put together some tips that have worked well for us and our Chessies. You can find them here