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January 16th, 2024:
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We're located in Sanford, NC. Approximately 40 minutes from both Raleigh and Southern Pines / Pinehurst

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About Us

We live on 15 acres and raise our Chessies like part of the family. There are no kennels, and every litter is hand raised in our home. Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppies

Our love for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever gave us the desire to produce a dog with a good temperament and healthy genetic background.  All of our dogs are lovingly raised by our entire family.  With two children of middle school age, the puppies are well played with and handled from the moment they are born. Our children actively take part in the care and raising of the puppies, with each having specific tasks involved with them.

We train our dogs for Hunt Tests and are a member of the Eastern Carolina Hunting Retriever Club. When breeding we look for a good balance between the hunting bloodline and dogs that will make a great family dog. We feel this makes our dogs well rounded and adaptable to any hobby a prospective owner may have.

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